The London and Milton Keynes Colleges have the same prospectus and enrolment form, but separate timetables.

Courses at Milton Keynes Recovery & Wellbeing College are delivered face-to-face.

Some courses at CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College are delivered face-to-face while others are delivered online on Zoom.

Students from Milton Keynes can attend online courses and workshops delivered by CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College.

You can download the prospectus and timetable for CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College in London and access the link to the enrolment form here.

You can download the prospectus and timetable for the Milton Keynes Recovery College and access the link to the enrolment form here

Once you are enrolled, you can request places on upcoming courses by email or telephone. You can also contact the Colleges this way if you have any questions.

You can call the London College on 020 3214 5686 or email

You can call Milton Keynes Recovery & Wellbeing College on 01908 725351 or email

You can find information about enrolling with the College and booking places on courses here

Please call the admissions office:


020 3214 5686 or

Milton Keynes

01908 725351 or

We are not always able to offer every course and workshop each term, although we do our best. This is because of a difference in local demand or trainer availability. It is always helpful to us to know if you are keen that a certain course should run.

We are always happy to talk to you regarding any further information you need, either by phone or by email. You can also meet one of our trainers to guide you in your choice of courses and workshops and to work out an individual plan for your learning

Our office opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9.00am until 5.00pm. Most of our courses and workshops take place during the day, although we deliver some in the late afternoon or early evening.

Language interpreters can be provided on request to attend face-to-face courses and workshops with a student as long as we are given enough notice to arrange for one to be provided

Yes, where places are available, you can choose which of the locations at which we deliver face-to-face courses you would like to attend, or whether you would prefer to attend an online course.

Generally, it will be possible, depending on the site concerned. Please contact us to tell us what you need.

Not at the moment.

No, but there are public car parks at some of our venues. Meter parking is often available in the surrounding areas. This is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

At our face-to-face courses we provide tea and coffee during breaks where possible. We are happy for you to bring your own lunch. A seated area is available for students to use.

As long as you let us know in advance, we will do everything we can to meet your needs. Additional information about accessibility is available in our prospectus.

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