Our Recovery & Wellbeing Colleges are learning and development centres providing a range of educational courses, workshops and resources for people with mental health difficulties, their carers, supporters and family members and staff from all areas of the Trust. We currently have two sites: one in London and one in Milton Keynes.

We recognise that lived experience of people with mental health difficulties and the experiences of those that support them are just as valuable as the expertise of mental health professionals.

Co-production is at the core of our practice. It is a process of collaboration between mental health professionals and peer recovery trainers (those with lived experience of mental health conditions) working together to develop and deliver courses aimed at empowering students with the information and practical steps they need to guide them on their journey to recovery.

The Colleges thrive on partnership. We bring together people with professional experience of mental health and people with lived experience of mental health to design innovative courses that actually make a difference. All of our courses and workshops are designed to contribute towards wellbeing and recovery and are co-delivered by people who have the personal experience of living with mental health difficulties, known as peer recovery trainers.

We aim to promote opportunities for the recovery and social inclusion of people with different mental health experiences. We do this in a safe environment that nurtures hope, fosters growth, creates opportunity and draws on the strength of peer-to-peer support.

Our values

We see recovery as a personal journey which is unique to each individual.

All our workshops are co-developed and co-delivered by people with life experience of recovery (peer trainers) alongside people who have clinical or health professional experience of supporting people (practitioner trainers).

Our core values are:

Hope: Believing in the possibility that things can get better

Opportunity: Feeling and being part of your world again and rebuilding a sense of self

Control: Having control over your problems and your life and being in the driving seat

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