The IPS employment model is internationally recognised as the most effective way to support people with mental health problems and/or addictions to gain and keep paid employment. It is based on over 20 years of research.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) has eight principles, each of which is supported by evidence*:

  1. Competitive employment is the primary goal
  2. Everyone who wants to work is eligible for employment support
  3. We help you look for work which suits your preferences and strengths
  4. We start job search and contact with employers quickly - within four weeks
  5. Employment specialists are based within clinical teams, and work with the team to support people to find paid employment
  6. Our support is ongoing and arranged to suit both the employee and employer
  7. We provide benefits advice as part of your return to work
  8. We build relationships with employers to access the ‘hidden’ labour market

There have been IPS services in a range of CNWL mental health teams since 2004, and in addictions teams since 2009. Many of the services have achieved ‘excellent quality’ status in external fidelity reviews, and this reflects how closely the service follows the IPS principles. CNWL’s IPS services have made so much progress that they are now one of the 14 UK National Centres of Excellence in the delivery of IPS, chosen by the Centre for Mental Health.

Here are some quotations from service users who have used CNWL’s IPS services:

“Going to work is the best cure or medication I can have.”

“I can’t wait to work - it will give me the structure, routine and stability I need and stop me sitting at home thinking about how ill I am.”

“It keeps you motivated and stops you losing everything- it gives me hope.”

“I have no purpose if I don’t work.”

“Being at home with no job makes me feel like I am locked in a prison.”

“I really appreciate having an Employment Specialist who believes in me.” 

More information on IPS is avable from the IPS Supported Employment Center and the Centre for Mental Health

* Bond G, Drake, R, Becker, D (2008) An update on randomized controlled trials of evidence-based supported employment outside the US. World Psychiatry, 11 32-3

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