Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of different conditions. Hydrotherapy differs from swimming because it involves special exercises that you do in a warm water pool. The water temperature is usually 33–36 degrees Celsius, which is warmer than a typical swimming pool.

Exercises are carried out under the supervision / assistance of a physiotherapist.  The exercises are adjusted to help range of movement or strength, depending on the symptoms.

Your child/young person’s physiotherapist will suggest hydrotherapy as an option as part of their physiotherapy treatment.  If you feel that your child/ young person will benefit from hydrotherapy you can ask your child/ young person’s physiotherapist. 

Children/young people particularly benefit from physiotherapy after they have had botox injections or surgery or if they are unable to participate in land based exercises due to pain. The warm water can also be beneficial in relaxing muscles for children with spasticity (stiff muscles).

Whilst your child/young person is attending a hydrotherapy block, they will not be seen for land based physiotherapy sessions at the Child Development Centre.

All medical conditions should be disclosed to your child/young person’s physiotherapist prior to consideration for hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is contraindicated in the following situations, if the child/young person has:

  • a fear of water
  • open wounds
  • a heart condition such as cardiac failure or resting angina
  • shortness of breath at rest
  • chlorine sensitivity
  • acute diarrhoea/ vomiting/pyrexia.

Prior to hydrotherapy your child/young person’s physiotherapist will set joint goals with the child/young person and their parents/carers.  These goals will be reviewed after the hydrotherapy block has been completed.  Parents/carers will also need to sign a consent form and fill out a short medical questionnaire for their child/young person.

On arrival at the pool you will be met by the physiotherapy assistant who will orientate you to the pool and changing rooms.  Your child/young person will then need to get changed into their swim suit.

Once both the child/young person and therapist are ready, your child will be asked to get into the hydrotherapy pool. The pool is accessible and has small steps into it and different depths of water. For children/young people unable to step into the water a chair hoist is available to use.  Parents/carers can observe the session from the side of the pool and should remain in attendance throughout.

Hydrotherapy sessions last 20 minutes and your child/young person will be with a qualified physiotherapist for the duration of the session. The therapy session will be carried out working on your child/young person’s own individual goals and will be tailored to their needs.

At the end of the session your child/young person will be supported to get out of the pool (if required) and they can then use the changing rooms to get changed.

  • Their swim suit
  • Their towel
  • A drink for after the session is finished as the pool area can be warm

The hydrotherapy pool is based at Coteford Junior School.  Sessions take place after school has finished for the day. There is free parking onsite.  Please note that traffic can be very busy around the school and it may be helpful to be aware of this when planning your journey.

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