Before you become a student at the CNWL Recover & Wellbeing College

  • Do everything we can to assist you to access our courses including making reasonable adjustments where possible
  • Deal with your enquiries in an efficient, professional and friendly manner
  • Provide information, guidance and advice on courses.

  • Use the enrolment form to tell us about any difficulty which may make it harder for you to access our courses. This will give us the opportunity to make adjustments and explore whether you need any additional learning support
  • Give us the relevant information that we need to enrol you.

Throughout your time at the CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College

  • Make every attempt to make sure the learning is accessible to you
  • Meet your specific access needs with respect to mental health, learning difficulty or physical disability as long as you tell us about these issues in advance
  • Provide you with a warm and professional welcome at all times
  • Make sure courses are of a high quality and promote hope, opportunity and control
  • Support you to review your progress and discuss your next steps
  • Provide a safe and healthy study environment
  • Provide an environment free from discrimination
  • Respect your personal beliefs, life choices, religious and cultural practices and traditions
  • Give you the opportunity to express your views of the college and its services without fear of recrimination.

  • Attend courses punctually; if you are running late or are no longer able to attend please contact us by phone or email. If you have difficulty arriving on time due to mental health or physical health problems please tell us about this on your enrolment form so we can support you
  • Be considerate of all students, college staff and others working on a college site by observing the CNWL Recovery and Wellbeing College code of conduct
  • Make the most of your student experience and your course
  • Follow the college’s policies and procedures
  • Respect the individual rights of all members of the college
  • Ask us for any clarification if you are not sure about anything.

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