Good quality information gives us a deeper understanding of ourselves and helps make sense of the world around us.

Knowledge gives meaning to our experience and enables us to have the courage to meet our peers and break boundaries.

Telling our stories help us realise how far we have come, celebrate our successes, build resilience and plan for a brighter future. Connecting with others and sharing their experiences gives our students exposure to different ways of seeing the world and new ways of talking and thinking about their experiences that can expand horizons and renew a passion for life.

We respect the fact that we are all individuals who make sense of things in different ways. At CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College, we know that telling your story has the power to inspire and connect people, making them feel part of a wider community.

Living with a mental health difficulty means there are times when a lot of help or support from others is needed, but we must always remember that recovery comes from within us and we can be the expert on our own lives.

We hope that at CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College you will find knowledge and fellow travellers who will support you not only to survive, but to thrive.

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